100 remarkable stories. 100 beautiful illustrations.

The book features 100 remarkable Filipinos of the last 500 years. They have have lived through challenges, excelled in their respective fields, conquered their competition, inspired a nation, and even gave their lives for the country. Read and be inspired!

Get to know... The father of Philippine modern retail • The visionary builder of Makati • The computer genius who rocked Silicon Valley • The inventor of banana ketchup • The grand old man of Philippine art • The doctor who discovered erythromycin • The peanut vendor who became a billionaire • The first international diva • The iron lady of Asia • The dean of Philippine fashion • The greatest bowler of all time • The pioneer of women’s rights • The sailor who conquered the Pacific Ocean • The first lady of Philippine music • The initiator of the longest revolt • The heiress turned people’s servant • The prince of Filipino printers • The mother of Philippine pediatrics • The champion of human rights • The first Filipino Roman Catholic saint and many more . . .

A biography, history and art book rolled into one

Pura Villanueva Kalaw

A Pioneer of Women's Rights

Joseph McMicking

The Visionary Builder of Makati

Arsenio Lacson

Manila's First Elected Mayor

Dado Banatao

The Computer Genius Who Rocked Silicon Valley

Maria Ylagan Orosa

The First Filipino Nutritionist

Ton Tan Caktiong

The Man Behind Jollibee

The ideal gift for Filipinos born overseas and yearning to learn more about their roots and find their sense of identity and pride

Robert Lagaso

A book meant to inspire – as well as help create a sense of identity in that country’s youth and its far-flung diaspora

South China Morning Post

My third culture kids and I get to know 100 brilliant and inspiring Filipinos worthy of emulation

Joy Tadios-Arenas